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Enable the 'non-routine' by automating your know-how with our AI software to generate thoroughly considered recommendations, reach robust conclusions or answer complex questions.
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Here's our primer on Machine Reasoning

A complete family of smart software

AI and Semantic Technologies have opened up new ways of thinking about how organisations can structure and exploit their deep expertise, documents, spreadsheets and other information sources.
Tacit Connexions' family of Hybrid Machine Reasoning and Machine Learning software applications allows you to create your next generation services and deliver greater business value.
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Simple. Stunning.

Our AI solutions... have the intelligence to reason about users' goals and intentions... they combine your tacit 'know-how' with all your available information sources, building into a family of smart applications... they are secure... they offer smart user-friendly Wizards for selections and inputs... their learning algorithms use historical data to predict new output values... they're generic... and you don't need to be a programmer to look after them yourself.
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See our standard products

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Our products

Smart Wikis™

Speed the completion of complex individual or collaborative tasks — and at the same time drive up the re-use of existing information and the return on current IT investments

Smart Wikis™ provide integrated collaborative working environments that anticipate each user's personal information needs and surround that user with seamless and non-obtrusive forms of assistance.
They're a kind of Expert System that combines Artificial Intelligence and knowledge concepts with your existing IT and supports all types of desktop and mobile devices.

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SASC-AI™   Structured Approach to Safety Cases

Speed your Safety Case development and review with our intelligent software tools

When it comes to Safety Case development, the sheer complexity, forecast increased workload, and dearth of automated support tools are factors in common across the board.
SASC-AI offers a set of intelligent software tools and a structured methodology that boost the efficiency of Safety Case production and use. Information collation and analysis, and decision making and planning tools speed the identification of claims, arguments and justifications, for example.
SASC-AI may be configured to suit all high-hazard industries and their specific lifecycle phases.

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Intelligent Decision Support

Even the most experienced decision maker can benefit from the recommendations of an expert system

What to do when 'xxx' happens?... What's the best plan?... Is my decision correct?... Intelligent Decision Support systems are continuously updated with the latest, most accurate and complete information and generate expert recommended responses in real time to these and other complex questions. In high-risk, pressurised environments, the system reduces operator stress levels by performing vital tasks when extra support is needed.

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Preserving and mobilising know-how

Retain and mobilise high-value 'know-how', understanding, and insight as a critical success factor for your knowledge-intensive organisation

80% of the real value of peoples' know-how lies in their tacit knowledge.
This deep expertise is not consciously available to an expert to describe or write down. Our knowledge engineers identify and extract only the most relevant, high-value segments of expert knowledge - and train your people to do this for themselves.

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Adaptive Process Management

Set up and manage all those complex processes that are so variable your usual software can't handle them

One of a new class of intelligent, high performance knowledge-based software that combines AI with process modelling, execution and reporting. This increases process visibility and control in work management situations where the process itself is 'know-how' based and complex, and needs to adapt to the impact of real-world changes on the fly. Users are led through the optimum sequence of activities that is re-planned dynamically as the process is executed.

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Knowledge Engineering Tools PCPACK6 Software

Liberate the value in your expertise by making it actionable

80% of the real value of your peoples' expertise is unexpressed. It's known as tacit knowledge, and embraces a vital aspect of everyone's daily working practice involving the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge required for optimal task performance, the location of explicit knowledge hidden in documents and systems, and it represents what really happens - and what should happen - in other words 'best practice'.
Tacit knowledge is deep knowledge not consciously available to the owner. Hence it's difficult for an individual to describe or write down. It requires the support of a specialist trained in knowledge capture and the software tools to structure and publish the meaning and relationships of the knowledge gathered.
Only when it's available in a format that both humans and computers can understand can its full value can be realised by putting it to work. PCPACK6 is well established Knowledge Engineering software that allows you to model knowledge for yourself.

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About Us

Meeting the new digital imperative - integrating AI and Knowledge Systems to mobilise your specialist 'know-how', information and data

Our specialist AI software tools and techniques provide for richer and more intelligent uses of Information Technology:
* Supporting complex, collaborative non-routine processes that include the capture of rationale, improved decision making and the sharing and application of lessons learned
* Transforming information search and retrieval using contextual information
* Preserving and mobilising the experience, understanding, insight and learning of your experts